Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How are your products coated and doesn't iron typically rust?

A: Each Fortress Railing product line is protected by specially engineered formulas specific to each individual product line to resist effects of weathering. To bring you the strongest and most durable railing system on the market, Fortress Railing Products are coated with DuPont(R) powder coating that is loaded with UV inhibitors. All products are backed by a warranty against manufacturer’s defects. For more information regarding warranty on the product you are interested in, click the warranty button on that page to view the general warranty statement with the option to download the full warranty statement or click here for all Fortress Railing Products warranties.

Q2: Does Fortress Railing Products sell to the public from a retail perspective?

A: Fortress Railing Products sells almost entirely through distribution. Our distributors are located regionally throughout the continental United States and Canada and service a large number of retails shops, lumber yards, and hardware stores that can service the needs of the individual or contractor.

Q3: Where can I get instructions on how to install Fortress Railing Products?

A: General installation instructions are provided to everyone on the website under the installation tab. Click here to see all installation instructions offered. For non-standard installations, a Fortress representative or customer service can help with any questions.

Q4: Are Fortress panels at true height?

A: Yes, Fortress Railing panels are shown at true height. A 34" panel will measure a true 34". Each product you view on our website should indicate the exact dimensions of its length and height.

Q5: Based on the 93.5" length, how far apart should I set my posts?

A: The panel system is based on an 8’ on centre standard that is very common in most markets. Setting posts exactly 8’ from centre to centre of post would leave the perfect amount of spacing to install the panels. Brackets must be factored into the scenario, which create ¼” on either side. This half inch, the 93.5” in panel, and the inch on either side of the posts will give you your 96” (8ft) length.

Q6: Do post caps come with posts? Do screws come with brackets?

A: The costs of both posts and brackets are inclusive of the caps for Fe26 Iron Posts. The post includes a nylon flat cap, which can easily be replaced by an alternative cap if needed. Nylon flat caps are not included for Fortress Al13 Aluminium Posts and you will need to choose a 3"x3" Pressed Dome Cap, 3"x3" Ball Cap or a FortressAccents 3"x3" Post Cap with optional LED lighting system.

All brackets are packaged with stainless steel self-tapping screws and wood screws.

Q7: How do you install adjustable panels?

A: You can find installation instructions for adjustable panels here.

Q8: Do your railing panels come in the same finishes as the railing balusters?

A: Fortress Fe26 is available in Gloss Black and Antique Bronze. Fortress Al13 is available in Gloss Black and White. For any finishes beyond the standard offerings, Fortress offers a Custom Colour Program that will allow the customer to have panels custom powder coated to one of our finishes in the Custom Colour Program or even custom matched.

Q9: Are samples available?

A: Yes. Samples of the panels and balusters can be obtained through your local retailer or distributor. We carry a number of different samples that are sized down to a hand-held size for easy viewing.

Q10: How do I find my local retailer or distributor?

A: Click here to find your local retailer or installer. You may also contact a Fortress Railing Products team member at (toll free) 1-866-323-4766 or contact for information on how to get in touch with a local supplier. Fortress covers almost the entire continental United States and Canada, so most customers will have an outlet of purchasing near to them.

Q11: What if I need a panel that is shorter than the lengths you offer? Can I cut it? If so, how?

A: You can use a reciprocating saw or a cut off saw. It is important that you make a test cut on a scrap piece of rail to get a feel for how the material cuts. You also need to protect the rail with masking tape cardboard to prevent scratching the rail. Remove any metal shavings from all drilled or cut areas and apply two coats of Fortress zinc based touch-up paint to the area. Allow paint to dry before installation.

Q12: What should I do if I have a warranty claim?

A: Please download the Fortress Warranty Claim Form by clicking here. Complete the form in its entirety and either fax to 972-644-3720 or email the completed form to All documentation must be provided for the claim to be processed. Read the instructions included on the Fortress Warranty Claim Form carefully for more detailed information concerning warranty claims.

Q13: What type of fasteners do I use to attach the post to the deck?

A: Galvanized 3/8” Hex Head bolts with flat washers on the top and bottom and a lock washer on the bottom between the HEX nut and flat washer.

Q14: Can I cut Pure View Glass Balusters?

A: No, Pure View Glass Balusters are made from tempered glass and they cannot be cut to length.

Q15: How do I care/maintain my Fortress Railing?

A: Fortress Railings are virtually maintenance free! However, we recommend wiping it with a clean and damp cloth from time to time.

Q16: Where can I find an installer near me?

A: Click here and select "I am looking for someone to install Fortress Railing Products", enter your zip code and click Submit.

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